Long Distance Fraud Protection

The financial burden of fraud extends far beyond your company walls.

  • Each year telecommunications fraud costs businesses $12 billion.
  • $30 million of that loss is experienced by Canadian businesses.
  • Studies suggest that one in four global enterprises have or will be the victim of some form of long-distance fraud.

Protecting Your Business from Long Distance Fraud

Thousands of businesses annually feel the detrimental effects of telecommunications fraud. The most common form of telecommunications fraud typically centres on unauthorised third-party access to an onsite enterprise telephone system and making illegal and costly long-distance voice calls. The truth of the matter is that any business can be affected by fraud, regardless of their chosen SIP Trunk provider.

Monitor and Analyze the System

Regular and diligent monitoring of the normal businesses calling patterns will enable enterprises to quickly identify fraud in the moment and areas that provide easy access to the company phone system. Proper monitoring will ultimately result in a minimal loss.

Take a Proactive Approach

The first step is to implement proper processes for voice over IP services. The moment suspicious activity is noticed; the proper authorities must be contacted. Watch out for these important areas that are described below.

Businesses must learn how to identify patterns of unexplained usage

Voicemail Fraud

  • When selecting voicemail passwords, ensure that access passwords are 6-8 digit combinations and are not easily guessed. Ex 123456
  • Each password should automatically expire in 60 days or less.
  • Access to the voicemail and administrative system should be revoked after three (3) failed login attempts.
  • Unused voicemail boxes should be removed from the system.
  • Through-dialing should be disable unless absolutely necessary. If through-dialing must be active, detailed reports should be generated and monitored daily.
  • All overseas long-distance calling should require end-user authorization and a code that is distinct from all other voicemail access codes.

Calling Card Fraud

  • Calling card information should be kept secure at all times.
  • It is a best practice to consider a calling card just as valuable as a credit card.
  • When selecting Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) it is best to use and access code that is different from the PIN used to access your bank.
  • Do not write down your PIN number.
  • Protect your calling card when making calls at a pay phone.

PBX Fraud

Most recent reports of telecommunications fraud have occurred around on-site Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, by using direct inward system access, or DISA. Fraudsters gain entry to businesses utilizing PBX-based voice and phone systems and leverage system commands (like 800 numbers from a Call Center system) or other forms of access numbers to establish a dial tone. Once the system has been compromised, intruders than place unlimited and unrestricted long-distance calls directly through these lines for unlawful operators seeking to resell long distance for profit. These calls appear to be placed by the subscriber and, in most cases, telecommunication companies have no way of telling the difference.

Modem Fraud

Employees must be warned to exercise caution when surfing the web. Malicious websites often lure web surfers with the promise of free offers, and then download programs such as Internet auto-dialers. These auto-dialers will command web browsers to initiate fraudulent long distance calling.

Controlling Long-Distance Calling

Monthly phone statements must be carefully checked for accuracy, even your VoIP softphone. Only accept collect calls from known callers. Avoid allowing strangers use business phones.

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