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Unify your voice and data communications for improved efficiency and profitability.

One stop solution for flexible and reliable communication

Reduce expenses and make your infrastructure more stable and secured by merging your data and voice services.

Preetel SIP Trunking

Cost Savings

  • Reduce Circuit Costs
  • Reduce Instrument Costs

Flexibility & Scalability

  • Add Channels when needed
  • Enjoy Latest SIP Features

Disaster Recovery

  • Faster Disaster Recovery
  • Improvement fault-tolerance

Simplified Management

  • Simple, Web-based management
  • Enhanced efficiency and flexibility


  • All PBX manufacturer integration
  • Reduce implementation time


  • Leading SIP service provider
  • Private Network to ensure QoS
Preetel SIP Trunking Provider

Consolidate your telephone lines and data on one IP Network by using Preetel SIP Trunking

Preetel Telecom offers Canada-based SIP Trunk consolidation services

  • Get your on-premise PBX as well as phone system hardware.
  • Switch without experiencing any downtime or service interruptions.
  • Get your cost covered if you desire early termination.
  • We use VOIP in order to offer improved SIP Trunking services.
  • Gain from our industry-leading knowledge of SIP and 17 years of working experience.
  • Get complete range of Skype for Business services, as Preetel is a certified Skype for Business SIP Trunking provider.
SIP: Beginning of an era for higher efficiency and flexibility

Our SIP Trunking service keeps running on our Converged Tier 1, North American network, giving you quality and secure availability for your SIP lines any place you need it – regardless of whether it’s neighborhood, household, or anyplace on the planet. This is one reason that makes Preetel Communications a top SIP Trunk provider.

VOPI From Preetel Communications Inc.

Many of the telecommunications providers are just equipped for offering consumer-grade VoIP. The VOPI™ arrangement offered by Preetel Telecom encourages the utilization of its safe, private, and direct circuits all together to convey secure and HD voice interchanges. VOPI™ services have been demonstrated to dispose of a large number of the difficulties organizations face while utilizing regular VoIP services. The advantages of this are significant and can only be accessed from the best SIP providers.

Preetel Communications is a Market Leading Telecom SIP Service Provider

We allow businesses to access the advanced communications and networking services available in the current SIP marketplace. With the help of our best SIP services, you can experience High quality and reliable voice communication. You can easily deliver all the desired features with quality SIP Trunking solutions offered by Preetel Communications Inc.

  • Cost Effective- Preetel Communications SIP Trunking reduces Communication charges and can save upto 40% of your legacy line rental charges.
  • Economic Call Charges- It offers reduced toll charges from SIP origination/ Termination services to the PSTN for local as well as long distance calls.
  • Simple to use- It eliminates the requirement of a redundant telephone network containing separate data and voice lines. It places data and voice over a single network, which reduces IT management and saves SIP Trunk costs.
  • Less expensive- It slashes out unnecessary PRI and BRI subscription fees, as you don’t have to buy bandwidth in blocks. You can simply purchase bandwidth according to the requirement and pay a limited amount.
  • Easy functioning- It is very easy to design and support. Moreover, it can simplify infrastructure complexity and can also streamline your company’s voice infrastructure.
  • Extended IP-PBX capabilities- It packs extended IP-PBX capabilities such as Instant Messaging and additional advanced features.
  • Network reliability- Preetel Communications is delivering quality services straight from 2005, when it was launched in the entire nation. Being and industry leader, we keep testing our network for upgrades, security, and fraudulent users.
  • Multiple locations integration- You can easily connect multiple sites to a dedicated IP PBX with the help of SIP Trunking without needing a dedicated circuit.
  • Redundancy- Our services provide you the facility of making calls at different numbers and re-route them to a desired secondary network.
  • Efficiency- Our services grows as per your requirement, as well as consolidated data and voice networks.
  • Features- Our flexible channel services include disaster management and recovery along with all the standard telephonic features. We also offer 4G wireless backup service coupled with WIFI and Softphone services. However, an internal router is required for WIFI.
  • Scalability & Flexibility- You can easily expand your business communication while maintaining business continuity with the help of our range of Internet Telephony Services. You can quickly add additional voice channels, port your existing numbers and can create a virtual presence for your business.
  • Enhanced Teleworking- With the help of our Voice over IP Phone Services technology, your remote employees can be directly connected to the central office. You can take advantage of cost free Communications across multiple locations with the help of Preetel Communications Inc.
What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is used with an IP-PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which sometimes known as PBX SIP Trunking. It and is rapidly one of the major tools that organizations use to make and get telephone calls at a lower cost and with additional special features.

SIP, Session Initiated Protocol, is rapidly turning into a ground-breaking business device as associations is heading towards voice to voice over IP solutions. Generally, SIP lines merge your voice association over a current information line; which consequently takes place as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). A SIP trunk replaces the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) lines with an adaptable, and feature rich framework with complete PSTN connectivity.

By choosing a SIP Trunking arrangement from Preetel Communications, you get greater adaptability and versatility to develop your business according to the requirement. Moreover, you are also allowed to customize it according to your VoIP framework, while having the advantage of high quality and low cost that originate from moving ceaselessly from traditional voice to an accomplished SIP Trunk provider.

Reliability of Preetel Communications SIP Trunking Services

Trunking services like SIP can be delivered at a variety of technologies.However, it depends on the type and size of business. When you band together with Preetel Communication Telecom, you influence the genuine intensity of our Canada-Wide and really Coast to Coast fiber optic system.

  • You’ll promptly build the number of voice sessions without the expansion of new equipment, versus your old PRI.
  • Preetel Communications SIP administration guarantees the most noteworthy voice quality since conveyance is done over our Private Network (VOPI™) giving you unrivaled security and availability when you direct a SIP supplier examination.
Reliability, Flexibility, and Scalability

The SIP we provide also supports several failover and reroute ways that can secure your connection even in the case of traffic or outages congestion. Using Preetel Communication you will get reliability and features that you would need in unifying and minimizing your communication. With Preetel communication you get the reliability and features that you might need to lower costs and unify your communications. You can get all this from only one SIP providers in Canada with a large number of positive SIP provider reviews to prove it.

Support of Every Industry Leading IP PBX System

Preetel Communication Support Every Industry-Leading IP PBX System and can deliver the most scalable and flexible solution for your enterprise.Trust our team of SIP experts to explain the help you select the right IP Phones, Cabling and Network Equipment for your business needs.

Do you know why Session Border Controllers are an absolute necessity for your telephone framework? If not, we’re here to help. Try not to stress in case you’re uncertain or have general inquiries concerning our SIP Service — one of our committed record administrators will gladly enable you to locate the correct SIP arrangement.

Is SIP Right for you? Speak to One of Our Experts

A Preetel SIP trunk is a committed association between your association and a SIP specialist co-op. It empowers you to expand VoIP past your organization’s firewall without the requirement for a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

  • Do you have, or would you say you are thinking about an IP PBX?
  • Do you need numerous PRIs to guarantee adequate limit?
  • Do you have numerous office locales?
  • Do you have workers using multiple devices?
  • Do you experience a variably high call volume, busy signals, and insufficient lines?
  • Do you need a back-up solution?
Requirements for SIP Trunking
  • IP-PBX (or PBX enabled by middleware)
  • Dedicated network (yours or ours)
  • SIP Trunking from Preetel Communications

By deploying Preetel SIP Trunking, we simplify a company’s communications, together with the immediate savings, are the drivers moving organisations to real-time communications and expanding their communication system’s capabilities.

By utilising a Preetel SIP Trunking solution, you will immediately realise the improvements. Preetel’s solution is a cost-effective way to migrate, at your pace, to the converged IP Solutions and enhanced features offered by SIP Trunking.

Difference Between PRI and SIP – Pay for What You Use

PRI (Primary Rate Interface)
  • PRI is part of public network (PSTN)
  • Sold per circuit (normally 23 channels for each PRI)
  • PRI is separate from company’s internet and data circuits
  • PRI offers DID functionality
  • PRI channels are static; dormant when not in use
  • Multiple users are networked between locations to share voice channels
  • PRI requires a service contract with customer and has limited geographical service availability
  • PRI requires existence T1 card usage on the phone system
  • If channels are insufficient, a new PRI circuit is needed and can take weeks to implement
SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)
  • VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • Taste is sold per channel and is impeccably versatile: pay for what you use
  • Taste is sold 3 different ways; with Internet access, on an information circuit or as a component of Internet get to
  • Taste can work with both out of the zone and neighborhood DIDs
  • Taste is dynamic, which guarantees data transfer capacity is utilized for different transmissions at low use times
  • All clients offer SIP trunks at the organization host site
  • Taste is savvy and adaptable making it a favored offering by most
  • SIP specialist co-ops taste requires a SIP portal to associate with the open switch phone organize (PSTN) however can be built to work with a telephone framework. Preetel Communications offer the SIP over our private Canadian IP network.
Preetel Communications VOIP Promise Service Guarantee

Preetel Telecom Inc. gives cutting edge IP-based correspondences answers for Canadian organizations. What is diverse about us? We have practical experience in IP-based correspondence advances with explicit skills in structuring and executing complex, altered IP communication answers for the business network.

Our private, North American-wide system permits us full power over the first and last mile of IP availability, guaranteeing our customers secure and exceptionally dependable voice, video, and information administrations.

We ensure the administration nature of our Enterprise-Grade Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking arrangements.

Preetel communication keeps up a safe system with cutting edge IP advancements to guarantee that your SIP arrangement sets aside you cash and expands your profitability.

  • Cash Back Investment Protection Guarantee – We need fulfilled clients unadulterated and straightforward, so we ensure our very own SIP administrations. The Preetel Investment Protection Guarantee covers month to month charges for the initial 60 days of administration, barring establishment costs and expenses. Approach your service provider for more specific details.
  • Master Project Managers – We have the specialists to tweak the plan and conveyance of your SIP arrangement, from site review to sending.
  • Goals Expertise – Contact us with your concern and we will have our group of specialists help and deal with your issue from start to finish, while keeping you educated until the issue is settled.
  • Day in and day out/365 Customer Support – Dedicated client care staff are constantly accessible to help.
  • Record Management Online – Our web-based interface makes it simple for you to direct your record with us.
  • Administration Level Agreement – Coverage for Preetel gear, the neighborhood access arrange and our IP Network.
  • Administration Interruption – we will probably give 99.9% system unwavering quality and to determine an administration intrusion as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.
The Preetel Communications SIP Essentials
  • Essential Voice SIP
    Preetel Communications Inc. offers Essential Voice (EV) SIP Service that furnishes you with a local IP connection via unified  communications or PBX platform. EV SIP service empowers you to make long distance as well as local calling with the help of local telephone numbers, 9-1-1 services and custom fitted calling plans. EV SIP Solutions are ideal for business SIP Trunking.
  • Long Distance SIP
    With the help of Preetel Communications Long Distance SIP (LD-SIP) solution, your business can make all outbound long distance calls by means of our reliable and secured Tier 1 network. With our experience and ability, we design and implement a solution in order to satisfy all of your needs and requirements. You can easily slash out telecom costs with the help of a SIP solution from Preetel Communications, which provides continuous, fresh and cost efficient long distance voice communication.
  • Toll-Free SIP
    Our Toll-Free SIP (TF-SIP) service furnishes your organization with an absolute IP-based arrangement. We focus on connecting all of your inbound Toll-Free calls over our Tier 1 Network. The outcome is a safe and fresh digital voice service. We ensure an easy migration from your old network and guarantee continuous service with the help of our consistent structure and execution process.

Advanced VOIP Trunking Features From Preetel Communications

Our highly advanced VOIP Trunking Features allow each and every part of your business including customers, suppliers, and vendors to be in touch at every moment of time. Our services include:

  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Centers
  • Web Collaboration
  • Advanced Call Reporting

Allow our experts to prepare a custom solution for your business. With the help of SIP Trunking offered by Preetel Communications, you can add latest features, which will help your organisation to communicate effectively across every level. We provide you world class voice infrastructure platform and also keeps its upgraded with all the latest VoIP technology.

Preetel Communications SIP Service Promise

Our SIP Trunking service completely uses Preetel Converged Tier 1, North American network that empowers you to appreciate the operational investment funds utilized over a safe, cutting edge IP Network. This facility is not offered by most VoIP SIP providers across the entire globe. You’ll get security connectivity at every step you need whether it’s neighborhood, local, or anyplace around the world, for toll free, long separation, and nearby voice services

Benefits Customer Get With Preetel SIP Service
  • A flexible solution to minimise costs upto 40% annually as compared to traditional systems. This makes SIP Trunking, a strong alternative to PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces).
  • Preetel SIP Trunking is highly customisable and replaces fixed PRIs with a feature-rich and scalable system coupled with complete PSTN connectivity.
  • You can determine your specific calling preferences, settings, and features with the help of a custom SIP solution.
Preetel VOIP Service Details
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Expertly configured SIP solutions
  • Dedicated account managers for your success
  • High quality SIP services
  • Guaranteed replacement of equipment

At Preetel Communications Inc., we understand that business clients desire to reduce their costs and have better work efficiency without losing the expected quality. They need custom arrangements, which are completely flexible so that they can be empowered in order to migrate their existing systems according to their desired terms. Preetel Communications has skilled team of professionals, who are blessed with technical expertise, knowledge and experience to customise a solution specifically for your business. It is the reason that makes us a top level SIP Trunk provider in Canada and throughout North America.

How It Works

Highlights of SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is the new era for corporate phone systems

  • SIP Trunking is growing rapidly because of cost reduction, advanced features, reliability, and flexibility.
  • SIP Trunks replace all the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines  with a flexible and feature-rich PSTN connectivity
  • A SIP Trunk is basically a concurrent call, which is routed on the IP backbone of any carrier. You can easily add or subtract SIP Trunks according to the requirement of your business.
Get More Features at Lower Costs With Preetel SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is basically used in combination with an IP-PBX (Private Branch Exchange). It is rapidly turning into a standard innovation, which is used by organizations in order to make and get phone calls at a lower cost and with additional features. SIP Trunks are becoming very popular because of cost cutting, enhanced reliability, special features and adaptability. The Preetel Communications SIP Trunking services offer you the facility you need in order to meet present as well as future communication requirements, as long as you select the correct organization from accessible SIP Providers.

Why SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking allows you to communicate over different networks.

Optimal SIP: Preetel Communications Focuses on Completely and High Quality Delivery

Preetel Communications Inc. is capable of furnishing your entire Data Circuit (ADSL, T1 or Fiber), hence, the Voice Packets don’t get in contact with the Public Internet Space. This guarantees the Quality of the Voice equivalent to conventional copper lines. This is the reason, Preetel Communications VoPI (Voice over Private Internet) performs VoIP Line on the Public Internet Network. Here is a rundown of our fundamental city SIP Service locations.

A call completes most of its journey over the Preetel Communications network rather instead of the PSTN and drops down at the desired destination in the last mile. When calls are not being used, the rest of the transfer speed is accessible for data. This technique is highly adaptable as it ensures that your internet usage will not affect your voice calls. The entire voice traffic will travel over Preetel’s Private Network connection. The Voice optimized Data Circuit for SIP must be acquired from one of the top VoIP service suppliers, like Preetel Communications Inc. If you’re looking for just Internet Connectivity, there are numerous alternatives available in the market.

Certified Lync SIP Trunks

PREETEL gives Skype for Business clients with the ensured SIP Trunks they require for quality voice communications.

By collaborating with a certified provider, as PREETEL, you will appreciate a smooth arrangement and master progressing support.

Our SIP aptitude picks up organizations the propelled correspondences and coordinated effort instruments they want while we handle the administration and foundation the board necessities.

Skype for Business

We are a completely Certified Lync SIP Trunking Provider, which empowers us to expertly introduce SIP Trunks and set up the stringent determinations Skype For Business requires. You can breathe easy that PREETEL can convey an elevated level of skill and bolster that lone affirmed accomplices of Skype For Business offer — the most ideal IP telephone network. We are one of the most grounded SIP Trunk suppliers in Canada.

What is Skype For Business?

Skype For Business, once Microsoft Lync, is an exceptionally created Unified Communications framework designed to blend a wide scope of improved calling highlights and capacities into an exhaustive interchanges stage open from various gadgets. By giving representatives voice, video and information specialized instruments accessible through a solitary bound together stage, businesses are guaranteeing that workers are well-equipped with an assortment of new-age specialized devices equipped for getting to a single UI from a wide range of stages, in any event, for Call Center administrations.

Skype For Business SIP Trunking by PREETEL

Skype For Business is largely enabled by SIP Trunking. This front-running technology bridges the connection between the Microsoft’s revolutionary unified communications system and the public telephone network (PSTN). When used together, Skype For Business and PREETEL  SIP Trunking, they create flawless transitions from voice to other communications mediums. Conversely, joining ISDN PRIs from several locations into a consolidated architecture, while achievable, is highly complex, resource exhaustive, and can present management challenges.

Implementing PREETEL  SIP Trunking with Skype For Business, you’ll gain these benefits:
  • E911 in Canada & USA
  • No requirement for an on-site SBC (Session Border Controller) or Media Gateways
  • Toll Fraud Detection
  • Pool Channel/Trunking resources from Multiple Locations
  • Extensive Local Number Portability in Canada and the United States
  • Built-In DR Plans
  • TLS – Call Encryption
  • Access to International local numbers in 25+ countries
  • QOS – Monitoring Probe

Connecting your companies Microsoft server over the Internet and PSTN has never been simpler than with PREETEL’s SIP Trunking. We enable your business to take advantage of the multitude of Skype For Business calling features while saving you on your telecom expenditures. Our SIP Trunking service includes managed session border controllers to create an end-to-end UC&C infrastructure. By achieving the LYNC qualified status from Microsoft, our business VoIP services went through a bevy of extensive and rigorous tests under the Microsoft Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program. As a result, utilizing the full range of features from Skype For Business produces dependable VoIP phone systems.

Fraud Protection

Shielding Your Business from Long Distance Fraud

A large number of businesses every year feel the impending impacts of telecommunications extortion. The most widely recognized type of telecommunications extortion ordinarily fixates on unapproved outsider access to an on-location endeavor phone framework and making unlawful and expensive long-separation voice calls. The reality of the situation is that any business can be influenced by misrepresentation, paying little respect to their picked SIP Trunk provider.

Screen and Analyze the System

Ordinary and industrious observing of the typical businesses considering examples will empower undertakings to rapidly distinguish extortion at the time and territories that give simple access to the organization telephone framework. Appropriate observing will at last outcome in a negligible misfortune.

Adopt a Proactive Strategy

The initial step is to execute appropriate procedures for voice over IP administrations. The minute suspicious movement is seen; the correct specialists must be reached. Watch out for these significant territories that are depicted underneath.

Businesses must figure out how to recognize examples of unexplained utilization

Phone message Fraud

  • While choosing phone message passwords, guarantee that entrance passwords are 6-8 digit mixes and are not effectively speculated. Ex 123456
  • Every secret phrase ought to consequently lapse in 60 days or less.
  • Access to the phone message and authoritative framework ought to be renounced after three (3) fizzled login endeavors.
  • Unused voice message boxes ought to be expelled from the framework.
  • Through-dialing ought to be handicap except if totally essential. On the off chance that through-dialing must be dynamic, point by point reports ought to be produced and observed day by day.
  • Throughout the entire abroad separation calling ought to require end-client approval and a code that is particular from all other voice message get to codes.

Calling Card Fraud

  • Calling card data ought to be kept secure consistently.
  • It is a best practice to consider a calling card similarly as significant as a Visa.
  • While choosing Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) it is ideal to utilize and get to code that is not quite the same as the PIN used to get to your bank.
  • Try not to record your PIN number.
  • Secure your calling card when making calls at a compensation telephone.
PBX Fraud

Latest reports of telecommunications fraud have happened around on location Private Branch Exchange (PBX) frameworks, by utilizing direct internal framework access, or DISA. Fraudsters gain passage to businesses using PBX-based voice and telephone frameworks and influence framework directions (like 800 numbers from a Call Center framework) or different types of access numbers to set up a dial tone. When the framework has been undermined, interlopers than place boundless and unhindered long-separation calls straightforwardly through these lines for unlawful administrators looking to exchange long separation for benefit. These calls seem, by all accounts, to be put by the endorser and, by and large, media transmission organizations have no chance to get of differentiating.

Modem Fraud

Representatives must be cautioned to practice alert when surfing the web. Noxious sites regularly bait web surfers with the guarantee of free offers and afterward download projects, for example, Internet auto-dialers. These auto-dialers will direction internet browsers to start fraudulent long-separation calling.

Controlling Long-Distance Calling

Month to month telephone proclamations must be painstakingly checked for precision, even your VoIP softphone. Just acknowledge gather calls from known guests. Abstain from permitting outsiders use business telephones.

Enterprise SIP

We give different choices to address Enterprise issues and spending plans, while keeping up the highest caliber of administration.

We fabricated an IP Network for VoIP, which implies our cutting edge voice correspondence benefits really work the manner in which they should.

The business is humming about how SIP Trunking sets aside cash and builds profitability.

Increase Your Savings and Telephony Productivity

With SIP Trunking you get the unwavering quality you have to bring together interchanges while bringing down expenses. Presently you have the ability to reclassify correspondence inside your venture and acquire more prominent incentives from your voice correspondence administrations.

Quality Of Product VoPI – Voice over Private Internet

PREETEL Telecom gives a wide scope of SIP Services to address your one of a kind needs from On-Net administrations to Outbound, Local and Toll-Free calling. These administrations use our private IP Network to keep up a great voice over IP telephone frameworks, giving you genuine feelings of serenity. Not at all like voice administrations dependent on open web transport, VoIP parcels on a completely interoperable voice IP Network get the most noteworthy need on the private IP spine, converting into reliable and unsurprising transporter grade call quality – ensured.

Rich Business and Technical Features

Reserve funds

SIP Trunking from PREETEL is conveyed over our private IP system to guarantee voice quality and enables us to give convincing valuing. The advantages of having voice and information running on a similar Network underpins a solid ROI.

Trendsetting innovation

We have been a SIP Pioneer since 2008 and have cooperated with cutting edge innovation sellers to give our clients the most dependable assistance and demonstrated gear. This incorporates Call Center administrations.


You can rearrange your merchant the executives and charge over the entirety of your areas on the grounds that PREETEL  Telecom works one of the biggest VoIP arrangement voice impressions in Canada.

Excellent Quality and Reliability

Utilizing our VoIp conveyance strategy enables us to control the first and last mile of administration to your area and your voice correspondences that never contact the open Internet space with our business VoIP administration.

Security Features

Our private IP Network gives you an unbeatable secure condition for VoIP administrations for business since it incorporates Session Boarder Controller based VoIP engineering with secure VoIP interconnects and separate system get to switches so as to prevent refusal of administration assaults from programmers. We use secure flagging (SIP/TLS, IPsec) and Secure Media (STRP) to guarantee genuinely tie down point to point voice correspondences.

Specialized Features and Capabilities

  • Essential Phone Service: Includes Local and Long-Distance calling administrations with discretionary Toll-Free, DID numbers, Directory Assistance and Caller and Name ID.
  • Highlight and Mobility Packs: Multiple element packs are accessible to oblige your particular end-client voice needs.
  • Pooled Concurrent Call Paths (CCPs): Share inactive limit over the venture to decrease oversubscription on location explicit trunks.
  • 100 percent End-to-End IP Network Backbone: Delivers high caliber of administration out to the PSTN.
  • Programmed Failover: If there is any interference to the essential session outskirt controller (SBC)
Difficulties Facing Enterprises
  • Numerous Islands of Call Routing Proliferation of PBXs inside the Corporation, IP Phone Models, Disparate PBX Vendors, Capabilities, too many touch focuses for routeing and the board, Disaster Recovery Challenges, Security – TLS, sRTP all through the system.
  • Call Centers Increasing Call Volumes and the Cost Number of areas Capping TDM-driven ACDs.
  • Movement Challenges; From TDM to IP PBXs From PRIs to SIP Trunking Interworking of SIP and H.323.
  • Bearer Management Multiple telecom suppliers Not cost enhanced Multiple bills, include contrasts.
  • Power and Space Large Data focuses topping off More equipment requires more power Environmental Concerns are expanding.