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FAQ’s for Hosted PBX

Why is the Hosted PBX Voice Quality
for CompanyName so Exceptional?

  • CompanyName focuses on call quality and prioritizes voice over data throughout our network to give you the best possible Hosted PBX call, every time.
  • Your voice calls will sound as clear as traditional analog calls.

What broadband speed do I need to use CompanyName Hosted Voice?

A minimum of 384Kbps, both directions (upload and download) is required to support the first two voice calls. Additional bandwidth is required for additional calls. A CompanyName representative will be able to help you determine how much bandwidth you will need.

May I use CompanyName Hosted Voice with my existing broadband circuit?

Yes, provided it meets the minimum speeds for both upload and download. QoS (Quality of Service) depends a great deal on broadband service and as a result we recommend CompanyName Internet Services for our IP Telephony solutions.

Can I use my existing telephone numbers?

Yes. All of your numbers can be ported over to CompanyName easily. And we handle all of these details for you and get you VoIP number, which is the same as your current number. No need to reprint your business cards with a hosted VoIP PBX system from CompanyName!

Local Number Portability (LNP) is the ability to transfer one’s phone number from one business phone company to another phone company’s switch equipment. We will make sure that your current phone number is properly ported as part of our best VoIP business practices.

What happens to my voice calls if my connectivity is interrupted?

If connectivity is interrupted, you will be unable to use your IP phone. You can, however, re-route incoming calls to an alternate phone through either the web portal or by calling CompanyName Support in the event that your main business location becomes inaccessible or should the situation warrant.

Do I need new hardware with my service?

Only CompanyName gives you the option of utilizing your existing PBX phones from any older PBX systems, alternatively, you can buy new generation IP Phones from us.

What are the primary benefits of CompanyName Hosted Voice?

CompanyName Hosted Voice customers do not need to purchase, lease or maintain an expensive PBX and can expand to gain a customer service Call Center. Customers also save money with free or low long distance rates. Moving/Adding/Changing employees can be done through a single call to CompanyName. Also, CompanyName hosted business VoIP services have many advanced features that improve overall productivity such as;

Find Me/Follow Me Unified Messaging Advanced Automated
Remote Office Application Integration Automatic Call Distribution
Custom Hold Messages Toolbar for PC Integration Nationwide 4- Digit Dialing
Music on Hold Conference Bridge Web Portal Voicemail Management
Smartphone Integration Outlook Integration CRM Integration
Advanced Call Reporting Receptionist Console Supervisor Console

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