Our cloud-based business phone system with time-saving facility grows with your business and helps you in eliminating internal management as well as saving your money. Some of the key features of our services are listed below:

  • Reduce unnecessary expenses
  • Remote working
  • Scale on demand
  • Manage via web portal
  • 24×7 Support
Work Remotely With Our Cloud Phone System

Hosted PBX or hosted VoIP is the service you need to work with a free will anywhere. We will provide you a virtual PBX instead of an on-premise system which means that your phone system will be completely hosted in our highly secured data centers. You can experience more flexibility and easy scalability of working as there’s no equipment to maintain and you will not have to worry about any upgrade. You’re completely free to customize your phone system according to your business needs and can enhance your everyday efficiency.

Simplifies business communication

We design and implement custom Communication solutions according to your business needs and special requirements.

  • Reduce Expenses
    Cut out all the unnecessary costs and dodge bundling local, long-distance and broadband internet costs.
  • Work Remotely
    Hosted PBX allows you to work from your desired location i.e. home, any hill station, or anywhere else you want.
  • Desired Scalability
    You can easily scale your phone system as your business grows. There is no limitations on users, lines, etc.
  • Complete Support
    Our team of skilled professionals ensures complete assistance whenever required by offering 24×7 support.
Achieve New Heights With Canada’s Leading Hosted PBX Service Provider

Preetel provides you a Canada-based and privately supported Hosted PBX administrations. It allows you to concentrate on your main business instead of hustling with your phone framework.

We provide you the facility of network hardware, network connectivity, installation, configuration, ongoing maintenance, training, and support to convey the best virtual telephone framework in Canada.

Flawless communications anywhere, on any device

Hosted PBX allows your employees to communicate even when they’re not on their desks. They’ll be more productive as they can handle calls, texts, messages, check voicemails on any mobile or desktop device.

  • On the desk
    Employees can easily access all the advanced services and features available with the help of Hosted PBX
  • On the screen
    Hosted PBX allows you to communicate with your PC or Mac without any hurdle so that you don’t have to leave any important application.
  • Away from office
    Hosted PBX comes with a facility of softphone app, which allows you to use all of its facilities on your mobile phone or tablet.
Flexible Seat Options
  • Basic
    A moderate arrangement that gives important telephone features to users in lobbies, meeting territories, and open spaces.
  • Standard
    The standard choice gives general office and support staff a scope of incredible call-handling features to improve profitability and proficiency.
  • Premium
    Managers, executives, and knowledge workers can use premium features to improve collaboration and Communication.
  • Support
    A facility of support staff or customer support to help and handle multiple calls at a time.
  • Conference
    A facility for handling small group meetings and the collaboration with additional external participants.
  • Softphone
    An application that allows you to use these services with the help of your mobile phones or tablets.
  • Receptionist
    It is capable of handling multiple calls without any hurdle and is fast and efficient to improve customer service.
  • Voicemail
    It offers you the facility of voicemail as well as a responsive service apart from business hours.
  • Virtual Seat
    It is a panacea for hot-desking environments as it offers completely featured services for an authorized person.

One solution, Numerous Benefits

Our solution package includes latest IP phones that are capable of providing HD voice, video, and advanced call-handling features at an affordable cost.

  • Affordable
    Our services don’t have any upfront costs, packs free calls between sites, low cost call charges and is available at predictable monthly service fee.
  • Advanced Features
    We offer sophisticated call handling and routing, messaging, voicemail, collaboration tools and a facility to integrate with business applications.
  • Managed Services
    Our services are entirely managed and don’t need to be maintained or upgraded. Preetel takes complete responsibility for its reliable services.
  • Scalable
    You can easily enhance or reduce the capacity according to your business requirements. You can also acquire additional features and services as per your needs.
Why choose Preetel Hosted PBX?

By picking a Hosted PBX solution from Preetel Communications, you can concentrate on your business and your clients. We deal with communications management, maintenance and upgrading to guarantee your framework keeps on working safely and dependably. We monitor the framework every moment and manage if any kind of issue arises. You and your group can concentrate on utilizing communications innovation to drive business benefits.

  • Advanced Platform
    The Preetel Hosted PBX system is built upon one of the most advanced systems in the world named ‘Broad Soft’, which is well known for providing High quality Voice over IP solutions.
  • Single Point of Contact
    Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is ready to provide you all the required assistance, which will make you experience marvelous customer service and best quality as well as support.
  • Comprehensive Technical Support
    We are blessed with certified and experienced professionals who monitor your system and upgrades it automatically whenever required as per your business needs.
  • Tailored to Your Business
    Our team of experts develop and tailor a Hosted PBX solution specially designed for your business in order to meet your business, operational, technical and financial requirements


Hosted PBX- The Basics

Hosted PBX is a moderate digital telephone system for voice communications that is situated in the cloud platform. By using this technology, you will not need to use any kind of equipment to run your telephone system. A specialist organization deals with all of your communications from an external data center, furnishing your business with an amazing telephone administration and allowing you the chance to save money and improve client support.

For independent ventures, Hosted PBX is an extraordinary method to appreciate all the advantages of advanced telecommunications, which is generally available only for big enterprises. By using this technology, you can enjoy a lot of advantages like free calls between destinations, minimal cost long-distance calls, the opportunity to work away from the workplace and access all of your communications, and implicit business progression.

Furthermore, you can do all that without spending your valuable capital. Rather than paying out around $40,000 for a proportionate system, all you pay is an ordinary month to month charge and purchase or rent a few telephones.

Why a Hosted PBX service?

With a modern digital telephone system.

A modern digital telephone system helps you in doing more than just making or answering calls. With the correct telephone system, you can upgrade the nature of customer service, enhance the productivity of your workers, make your business agiler and open more doors for business development.

The business advantages emerged from feature-rich VoIP Telephone Systems that offers functions and services are simply impractical with a traditional telephone system, but it is possible with the help of hosted PBX service.

How the service works?
With Public Switched Telephone Network

The traditional PBX – Private Branch Exchange – on your premises connected the inside lines on your telephones to the national telephone network, the PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. If your business gets extended, you would need to add more lines to share among the expanded number of workers.

Having a PBX on your premises, consuming power, and occupying room, you would require a professional to set it up, add new clients, keep up the framework and get all the upgrades done. That all required significant investment and cost, and any change could cause interruption.

What You Need… and What You Don’t Need

Affordable digital telephone system for voice communications that is based in the cloud. You no longer have to provide equipment to run your telephone system.

  • All you need on your site is a router, a small unit that connects your system to the service provider via the Internet. You must have a good broadband Internet.
  • The total bandwidth you require will depend on your call volumes and the average number of calls happening at the same time. A typical call using a VoIP client will require approximately 30 kilobits per second of bandwidth. Multiply that by the number of users who could potentially use the service at the same time to calculate your bandwidth requirement
  • Although most broadband services will support voice traffic, there can be quality problems if your service is “contended”. That means you share the broadband service with other users and at busy periods, your service may be too slow for voice and you could have call problems. Check with your service provider for the minimum guaranteed broadband speed you need and choose an appropriate service.
  • You will need phones for your employees, but that doesn’t mean buying a new set of VoIP phones. You can use your existing handsets, they will work with the new system, although they may not provide all the functionality that’s possible with IP telephony. If you decide to take a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service in addition to hosted PBX, you can use special adapters that enable traditional analog phones to interface with the digital system.
  • If you’re a new business, just starting and you don’t have any phones, you can obtain free or low-cost softphones. A softphone is a software program that you install on a computer or mobile device. It provides the phone services and all you need to make and receive calls is a headset plugged into the computer or a microphone and speaker combination.
  • Alternatively, you can lease telephone handsets for a monthly fee. If you’re obtaining new handsets, make sure they are IP (Internet Protocol) phones. That way you’ll be able to take advantage of all the feature and services of digital telephony.
  • You won’t need additional external wiring if your system grows. The service provider adds the additional phone capacity through software for your VoIP business phone service. You can connect your handsets to your existing data network, if you have digital phones or use adapters. If you retain your analog handsets, you can use existing cabling to link to the Internet router.
  • Your IT specialist can concentrate on other more important tasks because the service provider takes care of the set up, management, maintenance and upgrading of your system.If necessary, you can appoint an administrator with no special skills or technical knowledge to manage the service using a web-based interface. The intuitive interface makes it easy to manage and monitor system performance and liaise with the service provider over any issues.
  • Service providers will also ensure you have any technical support you need and they will take care of any changes to your system, such as adding new users or changing internal extension numbers.
Hosted PBX Service Can Make You Money

As well as saving you money, the advanced communications services available from a hosted PBX service can also make you money. Providing better customer service, for example, can improve loyalty and increase repeat business, giving you a great base for growing long-term revenue and profit. These are just some of the many benefits of VoIP communications.

Call Cost

Calls are directed over the Internet, so a call to a long-separation or global area can cost equivalent to a nearby call. Specialist co-ops offer diverse call bundles to suit your calling designs. In the event that you make a high extent of calls to a specific nation or district, you might have the option to get focused rates. On the off chance that your business works on various destinations, or in the event that you have representatives or contractual workers who telecommute, calls to those locales are free – all they need is an Internet association.

Equipment Cost

You don’t need to purchase hardware, aside from any telephones you may require, so there significant reserve funds. You lessen wiring costs in light of the fact that the specialist co-op deals with any extra telephone limit you need. The inside telephone arrange now runs on your information organize, so you never again need to introduce or keep up isolated systems for voice and information.

Technical Support

Running a cutting edge advanced telephone network requires explicitly specialized aptitudes, which you might not have in your business. You would need to retrain your very own kin or contract a master or contractual worker at extra cost. The specialist organization deals with the activity and specialized help of your telephone framework just as any inside number or workforce changes or moves. Each one of those expenses is secured inside the month to month charge you pay for the administration

Upgrade Cost

Numerous advanced telephone network requires programming upgrades at regular intervals, or all the more much of the time. Just as applying the upgrades at your very own PBX, you may need to make changes to every one of your workers’ telephones. The specialist organization deals with the updates, so the entirety of your representatives utilize the most recent form on their telephones. This spares you the expense of the product and the work to send it.

Protect capital

You can put your capital to more productive use in the business and you won’t incur funding costs, such as interest charges, lenders’ fees or leasing charges.


With a facilitated PBX administration, you pay a month to month expense, which streamlines planning and improves income. In the event that you have to extend your framework, the expense increments to cover the extra administrations, however you have no forthright expenses to discover.

Increase Business Flexibility

 With a facilitated PBX administration, you can maintain your business on a progressively adaptable premise and keep in touch with your key representatives and temporary workers.

Representatives can decide to telecommute, for instance. That liberates office space, lessens your reason expenses and gives your representatives a superior work/life balance. All the home specialists need is an Internet association and they can appreciate a similar telephone administrations they would use in the workplace. That keeps up profitability and productivity and gives your business more noteworthy adaptability.

You can likewise procure low maintenance workers or temporary workers to take on explicit undertakings and give them secure access to your telephone frameworks. You should set up a virtual Call Center, for instance, by procuring operators who work remotely yet make and get calls over your facilitated frameworks. This causes you to extend your business assets without procuring perpetual staff or setting up a pro focus.

Keep Phone Capacity in Line With Business Needs

On the off chance that your business develops, or if the traffic on your telephone network builds, it’s consoling to realize you can extend limit effectively. With an inheritance telephone framework and a fixed number of lines, high call volumes could prompt unsuitable deferrals for approaching calls. To add additional line limit intended to defer and conceivable interruption to your business.

With a facilitated PBX administration, development is snappy and simple. The specialist co-op basically includes greater limit and your network is promptly prepared for the new degrees of business. That is significant on the off chance that you enlist more individuals, however it can likewise be important if your business has occasional pinnacles.

Little lodgings, for instance, or organizations making blessings or delivering regular nourishments, may require additional limit with respect to only a couple of months, while the telephone framework is satisfactory for the remainder of the year. Specialist organizations can convey higher limit with regards to the pinnacle time frame and evacuate it toward the end, so you pay for the limit you need.

Maintain Business Continuity

Benefit from Feature Rich Phone Services

Hosted PBX vs Premise PBX Solution Cost Comparison

  • Premise solutions require a maintenance contract.
  • Hosted solutions include maintenance at no additional cost.
  • Premise solutions require software upgrades incurring licence and deployment costs.
  • Hosted solutions include automatic software upgrades and cloud deployment within the monthly charge.
  • Major repairs and some equipment maintenance add extra cost to maintenance costs for premise solutions.
  • No equivalent charge for hosted solutions.
  • Premise solutions incur the labor costs of an administrator to manage, upgrade and maintain the system and report/manage problems.
  • Hosted solutions incorporate a fully-managed service.

Hosted PBX vs Premise PBX- Indirect Benefits

  • Moves include and changes are intricate and tedious for on-premise frameworks. Including new locales with contradictory frameworks can be troublesome.
  • Facilitating suppliers deal with changes and can stretch out administrations to new destinations rapidly and effectively.
  • Reason arrangements have fixed limit, regularly over-provisioned. Development past introduced limit implies another framework and further capital consumption.
  • Facilitated arrangements can scale immediately to meet short or long haul request on a compensation as you use premise, so no compelling reason to over-arrangement or hold overabundance limit.
  • Reason arrangements require a stock of extras for gear upkeep or a break/fix contract.
  • Facilitated arrangement suppliers deal with all extras and support activities with no client inclusion required.
  • Businesses working on-premises require IT staff, with merchant preparing and affirmation to introduce and keep up gear or pay an endorsed provider.
  • Facilitating organizations handle all confirmation.
  • On-premise hardware must be housed in a reasonable situation, with space, cooling, power and security prerequisites.
  • Facilitating organizations house endeavor grade framework is versatile server farms, without any offices required on client premises.
  • IT staff dealing with a reason framework must stay up with the latest with innovation changes and manage redesigns, patches, and different changes.
  • Facilitating suppliers have the specialized ability to keep up their frameworks at ideal effectiveness and execution.
  • Reason arrangements may have constrained limit or capacity to deal with cutting edge offices like a call focus.
  • Facilitated arrangements can include propelled works effectively and cost-adequately.
  • Disappointment of an on-premise PBX can make it troublesome or incomprehensible for clients to contact a business.
  • Facilitated frameworks lessen the hazard by giving arrangements that join worked in misfortune recuperation offices.

Right for Your Business?

Facilitated PBX offers incredible business, money related and operational advantages. In any case, is it directly for your business? Pundits accept that private companies and new companies profit by facilitated PBX if the organization is developing and has representatives who work remotely. They need propelled telephone highlights to give an upper hand yet don’t have the specialized assets to deal with their own framework.

Organizations with static development, low call volumes, and representatives working in a similar area may not require the advantages of a facilitated network.

Why Preetel

Does your communications service assist you in developing your business and run your tasks safely and effectively? Is it accurate to say that you are ready to exploit the ground-breaking reconciliation of business applications and propelled correspondence and coordinated effort instruments? Do you get the exhortation, direction and lifetime bolster you have to meet your changing correspondence needs?

A huge number of businesses all through Canada have responded to yes to those inquiries by picking Preetel as their communications specialist organization. Here’s the reason…

Quality and Reliability First

The PREETEL Tier 1 network is one of the most exceptional in the nation with bearer grade quality and repetition. Various server farms, geographic repetition and complex checking instruments keep your business associated and meet the most stringent help level understandings.

Guaranteed security

To ensure your business and your systems, our networks give the most elevated levels of security. For a beginning, your traffic goes on a private network. We bring it Voice over Private Internet and we can extend it to the last mile so you get start to finish assurance. Our network design fuses such highlights as Session Border Controllers, secure interconnects, secure SIP/TLS flagging and secure media utilizing STRP.

Focused on Your Needs

To ensure our products and services meet your business and operational needs, we work closely with your team to develop customized solutions. You will be working with an account team with expertise in the business challenges facing small and medium businesses and a depth of experience in developing and delivering advanced communication solutions.

Beyond Voice

To simplify administration, we can provide you with a complete range of voice, unified communications and multi-channel contact center services from a single source. But our services go beyond that.

Innovation as Standard

To ensure your business can stay ahead of the communications technology curve, we focus on innovation. In 2007, we were one of the earliest adopters of VoIP. We pioneered Voice over Private Internet to offer new levels of security and quality.

Support Through the Lifecycle

While the rapid changes in communications technology can improve competitive advantage even further, they present a challenge to the skills and resources of internal IT teams. We can help you take advantage with professional services that provide advice, guidance and practical support at every stage.Our consultants can help you select solutions that are right for your current and future needs. They can also assess your networks and make recommendations on improvements and cost reduction.

Room for Growth

Your communications needs will change as your business grows or adapts to new threats and opportunities. We have the scale and the flexibility to meet your emerging needs with cloud-based solutions that provide the capacity you need, when you need it.