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At Preetel, we understand that each organization has its own individualized needs and work process forms, our main responsibility is to guarantee that our customer’s business phone systems framework is appropriately incorporated, simple to utilize and moderate. Nobody likes to be sold, so we take incredible pride in teaching our customers about the different alternatives accessible, similar to start-based VOIP Phone Systems, Hosted/Virtual PBX, Hybrid, Digital and Key phone systems without the strain to influence their choice somehow.

Our technique is basic, low pressure and viable: Preetel’s certified Account Executives assess our customer’s present telephone framework, phone and internet providers and 3-multi year marketable strategies. They search for the best worth and make a suggestion from one of the top driving brands. By giving simply to peruse, comprehensive proposition and adaptable buy choices like out and out buy, hosted, renting/financing and oversaw voice, we will figure out how to address our customer’s issues and spending plan regardless of their prerequisite or business size. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you run a doctor’s, lawyer’s, or designing an office, if have an assembling office, tuition-based school, charitable or even an enormous corporate venture with various workplaces, you will consistently be dealt with the equivalent at Preetel? with deference.

Why Choose PREETEL?

We have been in business since 2007. That’s 12 years to perfect the customer experience, For Preetel, that means making your transition to a new business phone system a seamless success and a positive experience for everyone. Preetel supports its customers from beginning to end, from the purchase of the phone system through installation, training and programming, line connection, cabling, data requirements and, of course, post-installation. We hope you will come to Preetel and experience smart telecom.

Small Business

Business Phone Systems for Small Business

What do you have to realize while picking a private company telephone framework?

The principle separating factor that characterizes an independent venture telephone framework from that of a medium measured business is one of a couple of variables: The sorts of lines (simple, computerized/PRI, or SIP), the kinds of cutting edge applications, and whether to utilize VoIP or not.

A short depiction: There are a couple of various kinds of approaching lines: simple, computerized (also called PRI), and SIP trunks, with simply being the most customary sort of line brought into an independent company. While most private companies work proficiently and successfully with essential simple lines, our prepared assistance staff can enable you to figure out what applications and highlights you’ll have to address your organization’s particular correspondence needs.

Pick Preetel, Canada’s driving corporate business telephone expert, and appreciate:

  • Decision: Incredible scope of the world’s driving telephone brands.
  • Preparing: Preetel offers month to month framework for administrators preparing in our reality class preparing office.
  • Cost reserve funds: Everyday low costs on all VoIP telephone frameworks.
  • Continuous Support: Experienced, nearby help group and expert staff preparing.
  • Straightforwardness: We clarify everything in plain English and set our assurance in motion.
  • Accommodation: Easy installment alternatives.
  • One-stop shop: Phone frameworks, call focuses, information exchanging, cabling, PRI, SIP trunks, and Hosted PBX.

The responses to these inquiries will give a reasonable image of what your organization’s needs are and how Preetel can best meet them:

  • What issues is your business right now confronting?
  • What sort of development would you say you are expecting throughout the following barely any years?
  • Do you need a call focus?
  • Would you like to put in a couple of additional dollars and buy a “desi-less” telephone? (A desi-less telephone is a handset without a paper embed.)
  • Is your framework (link) prepared for VoIP?
  • What is your spending limit for another framework?
  • What framework do you have at present? (A portion of the items we sell have additional exchange discounts relying upon the item you are as of now utilizing.
  • Do you require financing? A few makers have extraordinary financing set up.
  • Are you open to a facilitated VoIP arrangement?
8 Popular FAQ about buying a Business Phone Systems for small business
  1. Preetel offers a helpful comprehensive communications package, meaning that working with Preetel will remove all the hassle of trying to organize your communications services. Preetel arranges everything from phone systems, cabling, data, phone calls, new phone lines, relocations, VoIP, and remote connectivity. Whatever your small business requires, Preetel prides itself on being your one-stop shop. Our friendly staff has helped 1,000’s new businesses get started by coordinating and assisting with:
  • Telephone systems
  • Data and voice cabling
  • New phone lines, fax lines
  • Organizing existing numbers
  • Creating 800 numbers
  • Internet and data
  • VoIP
  • Wireless handsets

No matter what your needs are, our experienced professional staff will make setting up your comprehensive communications system easier than you ever thought it could be.

  1. Do you provide system training? Canada’s only in-office training seminars. Free. Here at Preetel educating you about your communications needs is as important to us as meeting the needs themselves. That’s why beyond providing customer service, technology, and communication systems that are second to none, Preetel prides itself on being the only communications company in Canada to offer free in-office training sessions to all those who have purchased a phone system. Preetel will offer you and your staff unprecedented full system administration training so that you will know how to program and change the system options on your phone system yourself.
  2. Do Preetel’s low prices mean low quality? Absolutely not! Preetel utilizes both its extensive contacts in the communications industry and purchasing in bulk in an effort to keep prices down while still giving you a choice of an incredibly wide range of leading small business phone systems, handsets, headsets, cordless phones and other popular accessories. We provide only genuine authorized products with complete manufacturer warranties. We keep our prices low because we buy well.
  3. 12-Month Phone System warranty on new & used systems? It may sound like we’re a little crazy, but we here at Preetel are so confident in the wide range of products we sell that we offer an incredible 12-month warranty on all new and used systems. We stand behind every system we sell, and to that end, our team of expert technicians is ready to help you at any time.
  4. What is VoIP and is it really a low-call cost solution for your small business? We are asked about Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) by almost every customer. Is VoIP cheaper? Is VoIP right for my business? How does VoIP work? VoIP can offer significant phone call savings for most customers by cutting call rates and slashing line rental charges. Here at Preetel, we’re known as the IP phone experts, so give us a call to see how much you can save. That being said, if you’re after cheap phone calls without VoIP, we can help you there as well. Either way, call us today and discover how you can get rid of expensive phone bills forever!
  5. What is the best payment option for your phone system solution? Whatever your cash flow, we have a payment option for your small business phone system:
  • Buy to own outright.
  • Renting is 100% tax deductible and keeps your cash in your business
  • Lease to have the option to buy the system at the end of the lease period.
  • Bundle your phone calls and system and you may be eligible to get your small business telephone system for free Give us a call to discuss the right payment option for you.
  1. Is installing a phone system difficult? If you’ve never had a phone system installed before, we’re here to you that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Our expert service department will efficiently and effectively take care of everything (phone lines, data cabling – everything) to get your small business phone system up and running with minimal fuss. Further, you’ll get the most from your small office phone system with our extensive user training.
  2. So do I choose a new or used phone system? For small businesses requiring less than five phone handsets often the biggest consideration is price. In our experience, many small businesses have found that a used telephone system is ideal, offering all the features and functionality small business owners are looking for at a fraction of the price of a new system. So if your telephone system requirements are relatively basic, most often a new phone system is overkill, solving communications issues that you don’t have. However, if you find yourself needing important features like:
  • Voicemail
  • Auto attendant
  • Transferring to mobile phones
  • VoIP
  • Remote workers

…and other newer technologies than a new small business phone system may be better suited to your requirements. While the best place to start is often as simple as perusing Preetel’s own easy-to-understand phone systems book, it’s also helpful to think of your communications system wish list, the things that you want in your phone system, and then speak to our experienced service staff who can then provide you with different options at different price points. Whether you’re a “just get me started as cheap as possible” person, or an “I want to do this properly now so I don’t have to revisit it in a few years” person, no matter what you’re looking for Preetel has a solution to match.

Medium Business

What do you have to realize while picking a medium business telephone framework?

The primary separating factor that characterizes a medium business telephone framework from that of a small, or considerably bigger estimated business is one of a couple of variables: The sorts of lines – most medium-sized businesses decide to introduce PRI lines rather than the more established style of simple lines. The requirement for cutting edge applications: brought together informing, conferencing, and regularly, regardless of whether they introduce some sort of call focus application into the business – The requirement for excess – this is for the most part not picked at the medium measured business level, despite the fact that maybe a point of thought If your business runs different locales, maybe it’s a great opportunity to consider associating your branch areas together under one far-reaching interchanges plan.

Choose Preetel, Canada’s leading corporate business phone specialist, and enjoy:
  • Choice: Incredible range of the world’s leading phone brands.
  • Training: Preetel offers monthly system admin training in our world-class training facility.
  • Cost savings: Everyday low prices on all VoIP phone systems.
  • Ongoing Support: Experienced, local support team and professional staff training.
  • Simplicity: We explain everything in plain English and put our guarantee in writing.
  • Convenience: Easy payment options.
  • One-stop shop: Phone systems, call centers, data switching, cabling, PRI, SIP trunks, and Hosted PBX.
The answers to these questions will give a clear picture of what your company’s needs are and how Preetel can best meet them:
  • What issues is your business currently facing?
  • What kind of growth are you expecting over the next few years?
  • Do you need a call center?
  • Do you want to spend a few extra dollars and purchase a “desi-less” phone? (A desi-less phone is a handset without a paper insert.)
  • Is your infrastructure (cable) ready for VoIP?
  • What is your budget for a new system?
  • What system do you have currently? (Some of the products we sell have extra trade-in rebates depending on the product you are currently using.
  • Do you require financing? Some manufacturers have special financing in place.
  • Are you open to a hosted VoIP solution?

Large Business

What do you have to realize while picking a large business telephone framework?

While most large businesses are as of now running on PRI lines, there are as yet significant correspondences inquiries to be replied to:

  • Is it an opportunity to see SIP (click for SIP clarification) improve your business correspondence arrange?
  • Do you need excess in your voice arrangement?
  • Is it true that you are running different destinations?
  • Is it true that you are searching for bound together correspondences? Conferencing?
  • Maybe it’s an ideal opportunity to introduce a call focus with full call focus revealing.
Find the distinction an expert phone arrangement makes when actualized by experts.

Our accomplished, across-the-nation group has built up Canada’s best execution works, conveying to you consistent progress to new advances. We go to uncommon lengths to shield your business from superfluous interruptions. Your staff will likewise get proficient preparation, just as a complimentary supplemental class to guarantee that your business gets the greatest profit for your speculation. With new telephone frameworks now a small amount of the cost they used to be, working with unacceptable innovation and gear can really be negative to your business, unnecessarily costing you cash. Driving Brand, Popular Choices Call our cordial staff for your no-commitment-free statement or look at the remainder of our site for data on the entirety of our driving little telephone framework brands.