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Full-Service Communications Solutions Provider in Mississauga

Preetel is a leading VoIP Provider in Mississauga, offering comprehensive communication solutions, including business phone service in Mississauga. We continue to operate with the same passion and commitment for our customers well into the future because we were founded on work-life balance principles, an exceptional working environment, and high-quality products.

Preetel is a controlled VoIP Provider in Mississauga, focusing mainly on wireless solutions for urban and metropolitan areas. We can acquire, design, build, and optimize any network solution to match your unique demands. It includes small cell deployments, in-building DAS systems, or complete build macro sites.

Our crew has decades of expertise, and we customize our professional, technical, and civil services to your needs. Make Preetel your firm of choice for turnkey communications solutions, including business VoIP service in Mississauga.

Business Phone Systems

A dial tone is not enough for your company. Preetel collaborates with your team to create a phone solution exclusive to your company. Thanks to features created to increase everyday office efficiency, an intuitive platform, and access to our customer service, you can function worry-free knowing that specialists are managing your small business phone system. Call us at our VoIP business phone provider’s Mississauga desk for details about the service and an estimate of business phone service in Mississauga.

Avaya phone system

You will communicate like never before with Avaya IP Office, using any gadget to share information anytime, anywhere. A unified communications system that links all of your staff, clients, and partners will be decisive for you. a system that is highly complex but surprisingly easy to operate. Avaya IP Office may manage up to 1,000 members in a single site or across several sites. Avaya IP Office can provide your company a competitive edge by addressing everything from phone and mobility to networking, security, and continuing services.

Hosted PBX

Our cloud-based corporate phone system with time-saving features expands your company, aids with internal management elimination, and helps you save money. You require a solution like hosted VoIP or hosted PBX to function independently anywhere. Instead of an on-premise system, we will provide you with a virtual PBX, which means you will entirely host your phone system in our highly secure data centers.

Since there is no equipment to maintain or an update to be concerned about, you may work with greater freedom and ease. You may improve your daily productivity and modify your phone system to suit your company’s demands.

SIP Trunking

A virtual line called SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) employs an internet connection in place of a regular phone line. SIP Trunking is affordable, dependable, and scalable since you only pay for the phone lines you use. As your SIP Trunking supplier, we can assist you in scaling your lines and offering your company the most affordable option.

SIP Trunks from Preetel work with all popular Canadian phone companies and systems, which distinguishes us as a top supplier of Enterprise SIP Trunks. With the SIP trunk solutions we provide, you may continue using your current phone number, use our services from various Canadian cities, and link our services with your phone systems at various office locations.


Employees can send and receive faxes without a conventional fax machine using digital technology when employing e-fax. The eFax function has its direct access number; however, it is connected to the extension of that particular user.

You may send any report attached to an email to a primary fax machine using Internet faxing. That includes scanned images, PDF files, and Microsoft Word archives.

Because Internet faxing is a hosted service, you don’t need to buy and set up fax servers, modems, or specialized software. Instead, you subscribe to a third-party Internet faxing service that converts emails to faxes and faxes to emails on your behalf.

Get everything you need out of your business phone system.

Small and medium-sized enterprises use Preetel to upgrade and revolutionize their communications. Our small and medium business VoIP service for Mississauga offers everything you require in a business communications solution on a single, all-inclusive platform while being solid and straightforward. You can give your customers the best calling experience possible with Preetel. Empower your team with a range of collaboration tools to boost internal communication using the services of Preetel, a top-rated VoIP business Provider in Mississauga.

Why choose Preetel?

Fewer hold times, more tremendous business success

Customer success is a concept that goes beyond marketing. Everything we do at Preetel is centered around that. We adopt a customer-centric strategy, starting with the initial needs analysis and continuing through onboarding and retention. Your success is backed by a network of cloud-based phone professionals, from our Canadian-based technical support staff to your committed Customer Success Managers.

Fewer distractions from unnecessary items and more inclusive features

Delivering cloud-based phone solutions, products, and integrations that serve the busy professional is the exclusive area of concentration for Preetel. Many consumer options or irrelevant commercial goods do not sidetrack us. Upselling is not our line of work. Delivering the highest-quality and most cutting-edge VoIP products and services is our primary goal and area of expertise.

Fewer missed calls and greater transparency

Our business phone service in Mississauga from Preetel offers the general public on-demand real-time access to history and current system status. Furthermore, being open and honest about uptime, downtime, and any issues affecting our user base is one of our fundamental competencies and vital to sustaining great, trusted customer relationships.