We specialize in intruder detection solutions – system controllers, keypads, accessories and sensors. The products provide a wide range of application scenarios, from wireless home applications to commercial building scale solutions and are modular based. This means the systems can be expanded in size with certain features by combining modules.


The alarm system controller serves as the main brain of the Security System, storing all programming, user identification and passwords while the control keypads are for users to interact with the alarm system to trigger panic alarms, arming/disarming the system, etc. Along with sensors like motion sensors and glass break detectors along with communicators via a telephone line, mobile wireless dialers and other means, the Alarm System is extremely efficient when it comes to protecting your home. When the sensors are triggered, the alarm system controller will be alerted and will either report the trigger to monitoring stations or mobile numbers.

We are here for you

  • First of all we arrange a meeting at your business where we analyze and study your space.
  • Afterwards, we deliver a custom made proposal to you, based exclusively on the needs and specialties of your space.
  • We begin to materialize our proposal by installing at your place, every single equipment needed to complete your system.
  • Last but not least, we activate the system and complete your thorough operational training.

Use our application to calculate the exact cost of an alarm installation for your store.

When we choose an alarm system for a business or a retail store, we no longer refer to a simple alarm system but to a full blown, state of the art security system. Our system consists of several devices that combined together will provide a complete and trustworthy alarm system.

  • Radar: tracks movement and activates the alarm
  • Contacts: installed on doors and windows and signal accordingly the central unit
  • Keyboard: a user may login to the system by using a security password.Afterwards, he can administrate the alarm system by typing his preferences (ex. arm-disarm).
  • Siren: all alarm systems require at least two sirens to be functional. One is installed indoors and the other outdoors
  • Central Unit: all of the equipment mentioned above, are connected to the central unit, which is essentially the heart and brain of the security system.

If whole security system is just too pricey for your needs and all you want is something that will sound an alarm when someone breaks in through a door or window and call the police or fire department, the Ring Alarm is the next best option. Ring’s system is one of the least expensive, and its monitoring plans are the cheapest you can get.

The Mobile Security Alarm comes with a base station, a keypad, a single door / window sensor, a motion detector, and a range extender. Additional sensors can be purchased ad hoc, and include a combination flood and freeze detector, smoke / carbon monoxide alarm, extra siren, and a listener device that can detect when your existing smoke detector goes off. Ring also has an extensive lineup of doorbell cameras and outdoor security cameras that integrate with the same app used to control the Ring Alarm.

Mobile Security’s professional monitoring plan doesn’t have any contract commitments. It includes both police and fire alerts, as well as unlimited backup for any Ring cameras that you also have installed. It also adds cellular backup to the system in case your Wi-Fi goes down.