What are your requirements

The kinds of intercoms and doorbells we see individuals utilizing are a wide extend and typically you initially need to choose a particular type of intercom:

  1. Single unit intercom - one doorbell and one receiver
  2. Multi tenant intercom - multiple options to ring different tenants

After that you can pick the doorbell innovation:

  1. Dial-in intercom - Dials intercoms or phones connected via phone lines.
  2. Audio intercom - You are mainly looking for talking with the visitor, no need for video.
  3. Video intercom - Seeing who is at the door is great for unexpected visitors or deliveries. A must have for a busy office.
  4. Touch screen intercom - The fancy current variant of the intercom. Frequently utilized for indoor applications in view of vandalism

   choose preetel and let our experienced team take care of your door intercom requirements. From Design to implementation and support. we provide unmatched customer service to our clients.