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Fingerprint confirmation is one of the most dependable individual ID strategies in biometrics. With the fast improvement of fingerprint check, the biometric gadgets will assume an essential job in chronicle and the board of representative participation. Biometric-based Time Attendance framework gives the ideal automation while guaranteeing validness and killing impersonation. The extraordinary advantage of the validation utilizing fingerprints is the irreplaceable nature.

RFID Based Smart Attendance System

The RFID based advance attendance framework is progressively secure and dependable and quick react. The label works in any natural condition. RFID technology gives strategic and better solace and furthermore guarantees expanded viability and improves productivity. Subsequently, this task can be especially helpful and can be executed in a continuous application for attendance recording reason.

Advantages of having attendance management system :

Improved efficiency: With the assistance of automated attendance the executives, the task can be made straightforward and simple. It improves the proficiency and efficiency of the organization

Save Money: Getting an automated attendance the board framework helps in cost-cutting and it is one time venture and you don't need to pay anyone for carrying out this responsibility. Besides, you get blunder free report without sitting around.

Reliability : Having an automated attendance management system helps in keeping the accurate and reliable data.