Door Access Control System and Door Automation Mississauga

We provide a broad selection of commercial door access control systems to a variety of industries in Mississauga, including those in technology, industry, finance, communications, and healthcare. Our ability to give entire security solutions for combining access control systems with CCTV, digital video, cards, readers, door hardware, printers, and time and attendance products is made possible by the smooth integration of our diversity of security product offerings.

Whether you need to restrict access to a single door or your entire building, we will work with you to develop the finest and most secure access control system for your Mississauga company premises as part of our service.

Each system and solution created by our security is specific to the location where it is implemented. We carefully work with each customer to build an integrated access control system that is suited to their specific requirements and includes additional elements like turnstiles or gated entrances, perfect for office situations. When the installation is finished, we can teach you and your staff how to operate the locks and access control devices so that you can manage your access control system quickly and effectively.

Throughout the route, we can provide door access and automation services Mississauga on the most appropriate electronic locks for your company’s needs and properly integrate them with your existing access control technology.

Make Access Simple at Your Property

With live video, mobile access, and Wi-Fi installation, you may enhance the property access experience.

  • Key Less Door Access Systems

    For residential or commercial properties, a keyless door access system enables you to protect and enter your property without requiring actual keys. Instead, keypads, cellphones, or even fingerprint scans are used to trigger an open keyless door access control system.

    The fact that building personnel and renters do not need to keep track of keys is one of the primary benefits of having a keyless entry system. As a result, the maintenance workers at the property won’t have to waste time making duplicate keys or rekeying locks.

  • Video Door Intercoms

    The most popular kind of keyless entry system is a video door intercom. They provide several property entryways for both multifamily and commercial properties and enable video and audio communication between visitors and occupants.

    A resident’s smartphone or an in-unit gadget can be used to run an intercom. Modern models frequently operate on the cloud, enabling remote management. They also provide a number of ways to unlock the door, including voice commands, delivery PINs, and virtual keys.

  • Attendance Management

    Attendance management tracks your employees’ working hours. It is the method you use to keep track of how much time your employees work and how much time they spend on vacation. You may manage attendance by punching time cards and keeping track of employee hours by using online attendance software for your business.

    The best automation is provided by biometric-based time attendance systems, which also ensure validity and prevent impersonation. The unique benefit of using fingerprints for validation is their incomparable quality.

  • Inventory Management

    The control of non-capitalized assets (inventory and stock goods) is known as inventory management. Inventory management is a component of supply chain management. It helps in regulating the movement of products from manufacturers to warehouses and then to points of sale. A critical component of inventory management is keeping a detailed record of each new or returned item as it enters or exits a warehouse or point of sale.

  • Truck Yard Monitoring

    Theft of cargo is a real problem that continuously costs businesses billions of dollars. While providing a better site with management tools and capabilities, Preetel’s updated transportation and logistics security measures assist to lessen and eliminate freight, part, and vehicle theft.

Commercial Door Access Control System in Mississauga

By erecting entry barriers for some people and granting partial or full access to others, commercial door access control system allows companies to monitor and limit the movement of employees and clients within their offices or factory. All of this may be fully connected with the alarm system and managed by computer-based software on door automation Mississauga.

Access Control System Advantages

  • Control door access for all facilities’ designated regions.
  • It is possible to schedule each point of entrance independently.
  • Maintain attendance records.
  • Quickly and simply add or remove personnel from the system.
  • Avoid having to rekey the entire facility whenever staff changes occur.
  • Plan the hours and locations where authorized employees may access

Automated Door Services in Mississauga

In the Greater Toronto Area, Preetel focuses on the sale, maintenance, and installation of automatic pedestrian doors. All brands and models of automated door machinery are serviced by us. We have seasoned professionals that are reliable, effective, and honest to handle your installation or maintenance needs.

We also offer after-hours emergency servicing if your doors aren’t operating correctly and cause issues for your clients or staff. Don’t put your safety or your property in danger or jeopardize your security. Our skilled specialists provide automated door services in Mississauga that:

  • Make sure the product lasts longer.
  • Decrease in ownership costs.
  • Become less liable.

Door Automation in Mississauga with Preetel

We at Preetel’s are experts in the supply and installation of all styles of automated doors. Our skilled engineers are willing to work within even the most difficult constraints to satisfy your requirements. In addition, we may provide a complete maintenance and servicing package.

We are able to install a broad variety of manual and automated doors. When it comes to installing doors in both commercial and residential locations, our highly skilled experts can advise on the best course of action.

To guarantee that we offer the best door automation Mississauga for you, we do an initial comprehensive site survey. Swing, sliding, revolving, prismatic, curving, and folding automated doors are all available from us for supply and installation. In addition, we provide store fronts, roller shutters, aluminum doors, elevated arm barriers, and security turnstiles.