Data Cabling

Voice and data Cabling

PREETEL services include installations of structured, low voltage cabling systems for voice, video and data equipment. We strive to deliver high quality services in an affordable price range. The performance of your network infrastructure will depend not just on the component quality but also on the cabling installation quality. Each network infrastructure would be installed as well as tested by us using the latest equipment.

Our fully trained, capable staff members at PREETEL can install all your Data and Voice cabling and allow you to create a convenient, efficient and easy office layout. Our services have been designed to help you save money and time. We can advise on office refurbishment and office moving cabling solutions.

There are a number of things that set us apart from our competition, but one of the most important is our expertise in relation to electrical wiring and data cable installation in Canada. Whatever type of business you run and whatever the layout of your facility, we’ll develop a solution that will give you electrical sockets and data points where you need them.

Furthermore, when we plan out your electrical wiring or data cabling design, we’ll consider your potential future requirements. This will be factored in as well.

When it comes to completing the installation work, our standards are exceptional. We use the best materials on the market for optimum performance, and each member of our team is skilled, trained, and experienced.

Our team also works according to our quality standards, which are the best in the industry.

Three Things that Make Us One of the Leading Electrical and Data Cabling Companies in Canada:
  1. We work on all types and size of project

Whether your job is large or small, we can help at PREETEL. We can help if you are upgrading your current infrastructure plus we can install data cabling and electrical wiring on renovation, refurbishment, and shop fitout projects.We are also the team you can trust if you are building a new facility and want to get the data cabling and electrical wiring right from the start.While most of our work involves providing electrical wiring and data cabling solutions to companies in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga, we have experience of residential projects too. Contact us today to find out more.

  1. Expertise and quality workmanship

We have a reputation in Canada as being the leading provider of electrical wiring and data cabling installation services. From getting advice to the work on-site, our goal is to exceed your expectations and to provide you with a solution that meets all your requirements.To make sure everything is properly installed and set-up, our quality control procedures include a comprehensive testing process using the latest technology and equipment. So, you can trust the quality of our installation.

  1. Our customer service standards are excellent

Our customer service is just as high level as our expertise and workmanship. You will be treated professionally at all times, plus we’ll respect the needs of your business. This includes causing as little disruption as possible to your operations during the installation work.

Provided Network Installation Services to :
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Offices
  • Government Buildings
  • New Network Installations
  • CAT 5 or CAT 6 Cabling in Manufacturing Units
  • Telephone Systems for offices
  • Call Centres
  • IT Offices
  • Business Phone Systems and more…
Where in Toronto?

We basically provide data cabling services in all locations surrounding the Greater Toronto Area including : Downtown Toronto, North York, East York, Etobicoke, Markham, Thornhill, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Beaches, Agincourt, Milton, Hamilton, Whitby, Vaughan, Bolton, Maple, Burlington and many other areas.

Optical Fiber Cabling

Singlemode and Multimode Armored Fiber Installation Service

Information move with Fiber Optic link is a lot quicker than the Ethernet link and in this manner is the favored method of system information move. Fiber Optic links are an effective medium to convey correspondence signals utilizing beats of light and are as a rule broadly favored over copper cabling. Subsequently, it is fundamental to have an ideal structure and establishment of a responsive and canny Fiber Optic cabling frameworks. Preetel Cloud Toronto has proficient Data and Fiber cabling specialists who are exceptionally experienced in Splicing and Termination of multimode and single-mode fiber links.

Preetel Cloud Toronto offers a full scope of Fiber Optic link establishment administrations including Fiber Optic Splicing and Optical Fiber Termination, establishment of all outer Fiber Optic cabling, Fiber Optic link testing and providing of Fiber Optic links and testing hardware. The organization gives moderate answers for planning and building Fiber Network Communication Architecture to assist organizations with bringing down expenses and expand business productivity.

Certified Technicians for Fiber Optic Solutions

Preetel Cloud is a leading Fiber Installation company of Canada providing services in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga Area. We also offer high quality Fiber Optic cables and equipment at affordable cost. We are also a leading suppliers of Fiber Optic cables and Fiber Optic parts anywhere in Canada. Being a leading Fiber Optic supplier, we offer a great range of accessories for Optical Fiber Networks including Bulk Fiber cable, Armoured Fiber Patch cables, Loose Tube Fibers, single mode and 62.5/125 multi-mode Fiber Patch leads, cords and Fiber Optic connectors at highly affordable price.

  • Bulk Fiber Cables
  • Fiber Patch Cables
  • Multimode Fiber Cable
  • Single Mode Fiber Cable
  • Fiber Cabling Cabinets
  • Business Phone systems
  • Fiber Optic Repair Service
  • Fiber Optic Patch Panel Installation
  • Fiber Optic Terminations
  • Extend or Relocate Fiber Cabling

Preetel Cloud specializes in helping its clients to upgrade their existing Data Fiber Network, maintain and improve their technical systems to be up to date with the latest technologies. With latest Fiber Optic testing equipment and fully qualified cabling technicians serving throughout the GTA, the company provides a professional structured cabling and Fiber Optic installation and termination service to the small and large businesses for both the public and private sectors including warehouses, hospitals, malls, newly relocated businesses, restaurants, stores etc.

Phone Paging Systems and Intercom Installation

Business paging systems are essential to increasing safety and security in both large and small businesses. Being able to communicate quickly and easily in emergency and non-emergency situations is not only efficient, but imperative in certain situations. At Cabling Hub, we understand the importance of being able to communicate with everyone in the building and the design and service of paging systems is one of our strongest capabilities. In the market today, there is a large variety of amplifiers, speakers, horns and volume controls available. This can make it difficult to know which products are most well suited for your facility. We are experienced sound contractors in Toronto and the surrounding area and have technicians who have been engineering, installing and repairing business paging systems with great success. Cabling Hub will meet your needs and provide you with the communication interface that your business needs to run smoothly. It can be challenging to resolve paging issues in industrial facilities, retail businesses, schools and other businesses without professional help. Whether the problem be with a component in the system or the cabling, our technicians can troubleshoot and find the solution. Business paging systems that fail or malfunction create disruptions to operations. It is our goal to utilize equipment with the longest life expectancy and the best performance to minimize disruptions and maintenance costs. After determining our clients needs, we install the system that will be most reliable and fitting to the facility, in a manner which saves time, cost, and simplifies the installation process. Our paging solutions can interface with an existing phone system so that paging can be done directly from your telephone handset, if you choose. Also available are wireless paging systems. When deciding which type of system you prefer, it is best to be well informed. With attention to detail, we can help provide you with answers and solutions for your business paging system. The ease of being able contact personnel in large offices or warehouses will allow workers to focus on more pressing issues and increase productivity.

Telephone System Interface

A new paging system can be integrated with almost any phone system platform on the market so that paging announcements can conveniently be made from any page capable phone in your facility.

Zone Paging

Your facility can be segmented into paging zones to give staff flexibility and control over where pages are sent and heard. A page can be sent only into certain areas, into groups of defined areas, or to your entire facility at once.

Emergency Override

Emergency override overrides any other audio playing through speakers so you can get an announcement out to everyone in the facility. If your facility plays music in the background, emergency override will always take precedence.

Spot Sound Masking

Spot Sound Masking Speakers, the simplest and most inexpensive approach to assisting medical facilities can create an environment where right to privacy is respected without unnecessarily burdening staff or compromising your organizations ability to provide patient care.

Night Ring / Ringing Bell

When your phone system shifts to night mode, after hours or at pre-set intervals, we can have it send a signal to your paging system so that it will ring throughout your facility.

Background Music

Background music can be piped throughout your entire facility, or only to certain areas. When a page is made, the background music will mute temporarily until the page is completed.

Alert Tones

A variety of tones can be set up to indicate shift changes at pre-set times in the business paging system. The desired tones can be triggered and intervals and linked to external equipment.

Having business paging systems installed can benefit a business in many ways:

  • Easily find a co-worker in the office
  • Play background music
  • Mass notification during an emergency
  • Make general announcements to customers
  • Paging works in locations where other messaging technology may struggle to receive coverage
  • The cost of paging tends to be lower than other technologies

It is our responsibility, with years of experience in the telecommunication and two-way radio industries, to understand your business paging requirements so that we can provide a communication solution that helps your business run more efficiently. We realize that our industry can be a minefield of continually advancing electronic components and technical jargon marked with confusing buzz words, so we keep things simple and take the time to explain terms and communication technology that may or may not be suitable for your business.

To arrange a consultation in the Toronto area, call Cabling Hub today. We welcome any questions you may have about business paging systems and are glad to discuss the technology that many businesses rely on today. In order to best meet the needs of our clients, we gather all information and inspect the location you wish to have the system installed. Our team of friendly professionals are here to help you and offer advice.