What is Video Wall

A video wall is a huge presentation comprising of more than one video screen fixed together to frame a single logical screen. At the point when a video wall is made by joining a few videos, the screens utilized regularly have ultra-thin edges called bezels. The screens are regularly associated together utilizing a daisy chain technique with the goal that an order, for example, turning the video on or off at all of the screens immediately.
The video wall matrix gives a large-scale, high-resolution display for your content.

Video Wall Display

Video Wall arrangements can be worked in various shapes and sizes. The individual LCD screen display can change from the littlest unit of 4″ to bigger ones, for example, 120″ depending upon the size of Video wall being worked by the matrix. In any case, know that not all showcases(displays) are for video walls.

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Video Wall Controller

The video wall controller associates your substance sources to the presentations. It gives you a chance to control what substance is appeared on the presentations, when and where it shows up, and what it looks like. Utilizing IP streaming or physical data sources, the controller catches content from the majority of your ideal sources – like video cameras, PC workstations, and cable boxes – making the substance unmistakable and open on a single interface.

Why Video Wall is so popular

Today, video wall innovation is inside reaching for a lot more extensive swath of clients. What’s more, we’re in a noteworthy video wall blast. From restaurants and smaller retailers to the club, healthcare services, and transportation offices, and even places of worship, offices of every kind imaginable are going to video walls to create an impression and convey in a high-impact way.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of video walls is its adaptability. These high-impact displays can be utilized for such a wide scope of purposes: truly, they’re only limited by creativity.

Why choose PREETEL

Our services are entirely focused to provide you smooth connectivity in your continuously growing business. We are the pioneer in satisfying all of your connectivity requirements either you’re a small business or an established enterprise.

Each PREETEL video wall is reason manufactured and can be modified to satisfy the one of a kind needs of your utilization case and condition.