IP Speakers Unify your Paging and VoIP Network

When introducing another VoIP system in your office, establishment, or plant, it bodes well to stretch out the framework to incorporate mass notice. In this day and age, a mass warning system is vital, particularly in schools, shopping centers, and huge grounds. On the off chance that you don't as of now have a simple speaker framework set up, expand your VoIP System that last mile to incorporate IP Speakers as SIP endpoints. We offer IP speakers that interface with your VoIP framework as though they were another VoIP Phone or through the zone, controllers to give you authority over where your message is stretched out to. To expand your scope, IP speakers can be associated with more affordable simple roof speakers enabling you to utilize your VoIP framework to impart while sparing expenses on speaker equipment.

VoIP Supply offers a wide assortment of IP roof speakers remembering industry standard 8 for round roof speakers, square shape drop-in speakers for bogus drop roofs, just as divider mounted speakers and radio frameworks. Bind together your informing by consolidating your IP speaker framework with a system clock or an IP computerized message load up.

Look over industry-driving makers PREETEL to structure the ideal framework for your needs. Regardless of whether your application for indoor or outside use, VoIP Supply has the IP speakers your requirement for the most complete notice arrange you can envision.


PREETEL phone paging products include ceiling speakers, school clocks, telephone paging amplifiers, horn speakers, paging speakers, intercom systems, Emergency Notification System, Paging System Packages, and VoIP paging. Our paging and sound systems are versatile and can be used for public address systems as well to provide background music in offices, restaurants, stadiums, hotels, stores, offices, schools, warehouses, factories, and airports. Preetel Cloud employees are experts in paging systems and sound design, and we can help your business – no matter what size – incorporate a new paging or sound system. Call us at 1888-392-9002 to design your custom paging system.