You need an attractive website, in order to attract business. One that will get a customer?s attention, hold their interest, and most importantly get them to take action. A well-designed, easily navigable website will make it easy for users to access the information they need for a positive web experience. Preetel provides custom web design services that help your company transform the web into a powerful business tool geared toward moving them to higher levels of efficiency and profitability.
? Ensuring that the content is concise and informative
? Enhancing media images and videos for a better online experience
? Making the website easy to maintain and update
? Ensuring the website is easy to navigate

Content Management System (CMS)
Create and maintain your own web site content – on your terms, within your time frame. At the front of Preetel CMS (Content Management System) is an easy-to-use authoring environment, designed to work similar to MS Word. This provides a non-technical way of creating new pages or updating content, without having to know any HTML or purchase expensive authoring software.
CMS allows you to collaborate and manage electronic documents, images and multimedia files such as MS Word, PDF, Excel, Flash, MPG, MP3 Etc. With an easy to use web interface managing your content has never been easier.

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