Security Cameras


Security Cameras
Our experts are professional in understanding your requirements, needs, and environment to customize the right video surveillance package you need. We are providing commercial and residential security camera installation with warranty.

Commercial Packages: We can design a CCTV systems around your particular needs, for example as well as providing peace of mind for your security requirements, cameras can also provide a very effective management tool for monitoring industrial processes for Health & Safety reasons as well as being able to observe all your cameras remotely over your existing computer network and the internet.

Residential Packages: CCTV cameras for your home can be use to prevent stealing, vandalism and wreckage of assets by providing valuable video of any motion that has happened in a target area even in our sleep or even if you are away.

Digital Camers:
IP Network cameras:
Remote Access:
CCTV Camera Types:

Installation credentials :
Fully qualified CCTV engineering team Huge range of experience and specialist skills Minimum business interruption Efficient, quality projects completed to time scales Experience in installing a whole range of Security equipment Our skilled engineers are committed to delivering quality results Pre-prepared systems means quicker installs Our skills mean any on-site issues are resolved as efficiently as possible Liaising with all your department and supplier to get the job done

Digital Security Systems:
Camera systems have a wide range of applications. Security is the primary application but we have customers using camera systems to monitor manufacturing processes, parking entrances and cash register transactions. Digital Video Recorders (DVR) have replaced the VCR tape systems. The DVR comes with hard drive storage capacity and a DVD burner for archiving purposes. Network camera systems can be set up on the customers existing computer network or on a mesh Wi-Fi network.

IP based CCTV Systems
Our proficiency with IP/TCP based network infrastructure has allowed us to provide the next generation of super high resolution IP cameras. AXIS, Panansonic and Samsung are some of the brands we have had the privilege of working with and give the greatest level of quality and afford ability. The major benefit of an IP based camera systems is their ability for easy expansion using a standard network cabinet switch. Not only do they also have advanced features and image analytics as standard but the shear quality and resolution surpasses analogue camera by far, sometimes offering 5MP picture resolution. This would be better than most Blue Ray 1080P images you would expect on your home cinema system.

Remote access CCTV systems
Remote Access is now a common requirement for an installed CCTV system. If you have a Internet line we are now able to set up remote access to our supplied DVR recorders. This feature will allow you to gain access to your recorder from anywhere in the world at any time so that you can always keep up to date with your business or home operations. It is a great way of providing added peace of mind if you need to be away for an extended period or just need to keep an eye on staff while working from home. This great feature can be setup on any personal computer with compatible Router or on your mobile phone just like the image you see here.

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