Door Access Control Systems

Network Attached IP Door Access Control Systems from Kintronics

Door Access Control Systems


IP Based Door Access and Entry Control Systems Integrate with IP Camera Surveillance Systems to Provide a Complete Security System

Network attached Door Access Control Systems
Each Isonas IP reader attaches directly to the network and is powered using PoE. This modular IP based door control system allows you to add one door at a time. The expensive control panel is no longer required! The ISONAS IP Door Access Controller and Reader includes all the functionality that used to be distributed between the reader and control panel. Now it?s all in one unit. With intelligence built into each and every unit, it operates even if your network is down.

This IP based system integrates with your IP camera surveillance system to provide a complete security system that controls door entry using a credential or manually by using intercoms with video management software.


  • Includes free Crystal Matrix Software for all access system control
  • No Control Panels Required
  • IP Door Readers are powered using PoE
  • The readers provide 12 VDC power for the electric lock
  • Wide selection of credentials and cards
  • Integrates with IP Camera security systems
  • Works with IP intercoms to allow remote control of doors to allow entry of visitors

IP Door Readers

Door Access Control Readers
ISONAS IP door readers are both a reader and a controller. No control box is required since all the intelligence is in the IP reader.

The IP Reader connects directly to the Ethernet network and is powered by PoE. IP door readers have the advantage of being very easy to install.

Since the reader converts the PoE power to 12 VDC, you can power locks without running additional power wires. All you need is the CAT 5 drop to the reader. Select the PRX version that reads both Isonas and HID format credentials, or the MCT version which adds the ability to read the new Smart Card (ISO 14443) standard credentials.

The readers have all the intelligence built in so even if the network is down the reader keeps working. Of course it?s best to use a UPS on the network switch or the midspan that?s providing the PoE.

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